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Welcome to Hanzik Hydraulics Inc.

We offer cost efficent and effective oilfield services to include but not limited to plugging and abandoning and workover.

Hanzik Hyrdaulics was established in 1976 by Lee Roy and Allen Hanzik out of necessity to pull casing. This father-son duo created an innovative and diverse company. They focused on quality, quality, and quality. They worked tirelessly to create a business with a reputation of being on-time, on-budget, and service-reliable.

Hanzik Hydraulics was incorporated in 1979 in the great state of Texas and has grown to the company it is today. Even though Hanzik Hydraulics Inc only have six employees currently, they are the most professional casing jacks in the Gulf Coast.

Hanzik Hydraulics, Inc. is a full service oilfield casing pulling operations. We offer welding, hydraulic casing jacks, wireline, casing tongs, casing lay down, and over 50 years of oilfield experience.

One of our most popular serives are:

1. Welding on a pull nipple (rated to the max strength of the down hole pipe),

2. Pulling the hanger with hydraulic jacks (includes two bowls, two slips, and swedge for TIW valve upon request),

3. Stretch reading using the hydraulic jacks (taking into acount mud weight on the backside, mud weight on the inside and pipe wieght),

4. Running of cutter (two types cutters are available in multiple sizes),

5. Cutting of pipe with tension on the pipe,

6. Pulling the pipe until the rig/crane can hangle the weight,

7. Torches for cuting the pipe (to save threads) or tongs (with quick backups), and

8. lay down techniques to ease racking of pipe (excellent for tight spaces, extra fast).

It usually only take one day or less to complete one string of pipe. Every member of our team will not only work our equipment, but will aid the rig crew to expediate operations.

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